The internet was in an uproar after the latest season of Downton Abbey [SPOILERS GALORE FROM HERE ON YANKEES] when beloved Cousin Matthew, the once-impotent heir apparent, was nonchalantly killed off in a hilariously corny car accident right after his baby was born. Actor Dan Stevens has thoroughly moved on from the show, trading in tea and quippy dowagers for scotch cocktails and Broadway. He seems to have really taken a shine to NYC while starring in "The Heiress," and professed his love for our "amazing" transit system to the Journal.

So if you ever wanted to know what lines Cousin Matthew rides, here's your chance:


: Now that we’ve got you in here in New York, what do you like about it?

Dan Stevens: Everything. Just the energy of the place. It’s energizing and also exhausting. But it’s always had an electricity that I find very attractive.

Speakeasy: Do you ever take the subways?

Dan Stevens: Oh yeah. I love the subways.

Speakeasy: No you don’t!

Dan Stevens: Yeah!

Speakeasy: What’s your train?

Dan Stevens: The 2/ 3 and the A/C and the F. I take them all the time.

Speakeasy: I’ll look for you next time I’m on the F, the A/C or the 2/3.

Dan Stevens (laughs): It runs all night. Are you listening, London? It is amazing. Whatever New Yorkers say, you have an amazing subway system. It makes all the difference. Why shouldn’t I take the subway? It’s great.

Of course, just because you know he rides the F doesn't mean you'll necessarily recognize him—as you can see in the photos above, Stevens has undergone a surprising transformation, shedding his blonde British chub for a dark, gaunt, mustachioed look.

He is now filming a movie in Brooklyn with Liam Neeson called A Walk Among the Tombstones, and he doesn't understand why anyone cares about his dirty mustache: "Really? OK, I suppose," he said to AP when asked about the interest in his appearance. "There's so much else going on in the world."