Well folks, we're down to the home stretch. It's time to begin that anxiety and booze fueled consumerist haze that is the holiday season. This time of year is always an interesting one for film. Studios release, simultaneously, their best Oscar bait and their summer blockbuster rejects, known in the business as: winter rockbottombusters (the only real difference being their budget and a scene involving snow). This year we get a slew of interesting and exciting films flooding into six week time period. For most of us, things are going to be very hectic as it is, but for your mental health's sake, you'd be doing yourself a kindness to check at least one of these out.

Click through for our premature thoughts on this season's new releases and repertory screenings, which include: The Descendants, Hugo, The Muppets, A Dangerous Method, Shame, Young Adult, The Sitter, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Carnage, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, It's a Wonderful Life, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Adventures of Tintin, We Bought a Zoo, and Pariah.