Gothamist continues to mine the depths of the 2004 Fringe Festival so you don't have to! With over 200 shows in two weeks, there's an insane amount of talent showcasing quirky new works starting Friday. You can find a full schedule and ticketing info at www.fringenyc.organd remember, tickets are only 15 bucks so you can really see a bunch! Here are some more selections that really jump out to us on the schedule as potentially mindblowing and interesting:

Andru's Head - We love the premise here, a rock musical about a disembodied head who hosts a public access children's show that's co-opted by a mad corporate baddie. It's supposed to be full of murder, corruption and lots and lots of head! The show's book is by Mark Dendy with music and lyrics by Stephen Wilson. It's co-directed by Jonathan Warman and Mark Dendy, choreographed by Mark Dendy (of Broadway's Taboo---the cast also features Taboo cast members Brooke Elliot and Denise Summerford).

Jonestown, The Musical - Remember the 1978 mass suicide of 914 in Guyana, South Africa? Are you ready for a dark, outrageous musical about it? Writers Brian Silliman and Larry Lees are betting that you are. The noteworthy cast includes Les Misérables' J. Mark McVey as Jim Jones; Jane Eyre's Marla Schaffel as Jones' wife Marceline; Urban Cowboy's Matt Cavenaugh as cult member Samuel Foreman; Robert J. Creighton as Congressman Leo Ryan; and Howard Emanuel as Hedge, Ryan's fictionalized congressional assistant. More info here.

Confessions of a Mormon Boy - This is Steven Fales' story of how he went from Mormon missionary to excommunicated NYC gigolo! The show's website is loaded with great reviews and press, so take a look.

Die , Die, Diana: A Musical - Scott Sublett wrote this musical comedy about Princess Diana's final days. It played in San Jose, then was set to play in London, when the British lawyers advised against it, due to the show's "seditious" nature! More info can be found here.

Reddy or Not! - This comedy musical was written by and stars Joanna Parson and Lance Werth as two lovably quirky fans who deal with disaster through the music of 70's easy-listening feminist icon, Helen Reddy. Includes 70's pop chart hits like "I Am Woman," "You and Me Against the World", and "Ain't No Way to Treat a Lady" ! More info here.

The Passion of George W. Bush - This topical musical comedy by Joeh Herin, Adam B. Mathias and Alden Terry follows, according to the show's website, "our hero from youth to adulthood, from drunkard to president, and watch as he tirelessly searches for how to be a 'good man.'" Colin Stokes (I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change) stars as George W. Bush opposite Michael Gladis (Fifth of July) as Dick Cheney, Jonathan Putterman as Karl Rove, Thursday Farrar (Aida) as Condoleezza Rice, Craig Baldwin (Twelfth Night) as George H. W. Bush, Shannon Polly (Anything Goes national tour) as Barbara Bush, Charles Browning as Jeb Bush/Colin Powell with Chad Coudriet and Jennifer Houseal as interns.