The eighth edition of Frieze New York has pitched its huge white tents on Randall’s Island once again, bringing in thousands of works of contemporary art from artists and galleries worldwide. Yesterday was the VIP preview day—when the aristocrats who actually buy this stuff roam the aisles spending a fortune—but if you just want to go and look, Frieze is open to the public Thursday through Sunday. For a fee, of course... we're talking $57 just to get in.

As always with these sprawling art spectacles, there’s a lot to take in. Renowned artists abound, with the likes of Yayoi Kusama, Alex Katz, John Chamberlain, and Red Grooms getting prime real estate in the labyrinthine exhibition space. But the real treat at Frieze is the dozens of galleries bringing in work from artists you've seen before.

Even doing it quickly, it takes about three or four hours to get through it all. And if you add a snack break or two—and you should; there are some solid food options here, including Court Street Grocers, Morgenstern's, Fat Radish, and Roberta's—plus the ferry rides there and back, this is a full day art adventure. The people watching is hugely entertaining as well.

More information at Frieze New York.