Hundreds of galleries from all over the planet have set up shop under an enormous white tent on Randall's Island this weekend for the seventh annual Frieze New York Art Fair. After a VIP preview, during which the big-time collectors and assorted swells bought up almost everything in sight, Frieze is open to the public, from Friday through Sunday. Tickets will cost you $52, plus extra for transportation (the ferry from East 35th Street offers an extremely pleasant ride on a warm afternoon).

Yes, that's a lot of money to go look at art, and to look at other people looking at art. But there are more 1,000 international artists with works on view at Frieze, and it'll take you at least three hours to see everything. And, really, there's no better way to get an overview of the contemporary art scene right now than at one of these gigantic fairs, if that's something that appeals to you. Or just click through the photos above and see it all from the comfort of wherever you are right now.

If you do cross the river to Randall's, know that you will not go hungry over there. Once again Frieze has brought together an impressive lineup of food vendors, many with outdoor eating areas, including Roberta's, Morgenstern's Ice Cream, Court Street Grocers, Fat Radish, Black Fox Coffee, Frankies Spuntino, and a completely new, non-pizza restaurant from the Roberta's/Blanca team called Foul Witch. There are also all sorts of pressed juice and alcohol options spread around the colossal space.