2003_7_friendster.jpgGothamist wonders a few things about everyone's favorite new pick-up scene, Friendster:

- Is it really Ashton Kutcher on Friendster or is someone trying to be..."funny"?
- When someone messages you with just "Want to meet for drinks?" (without any other reasons, like "I'm super cool" or "You like movies...I like movies!") is it wrong to reply, "No way and never contact me again"?
- Are pictures of someone's naked ass really that necessary?
- If you write a testimonial for someone, is he/she obligated to write one for you?
- When instant-messaging someone to tell them that somebody else messaged you via Friendster, should you write, kristen "messaged" me or kristen friendster-messaged me?
- When will Friendster go to a subscription business model to pay for a new server because the current one is molasses slow?
- When will Gothamist get a life?

Updated: Gothamist reader Sarah pointed out that a month ago, Jonathan Van Gieson had outlined the Friendster power games/trips that people engage in. Gothamist is guilty of a few of them.