2006_06_westhighland.jpgBreakups are hard, but when animals are involved, fuhgeddaboutit. The Post reports that two good friends and roommates are now in the middle of a $4 million squabble that involves "$1 million in monetary damages and $3 million in punitive damages" - and the ownership of a West Highland terrier named Ollie Pablo. After two years of sharing a Tribeca apartment, Alexis Carroll and Michelle Clarity, both 26, went from being BFF to BEFN (Best Enemies For Now), with Carroll had her lawyer filed a "notice in court" against Clarity, charging "extortion, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, and breach of contract" and that the dog be returned to her. Ack! Clarity tells the Post the "funny" thing is that Ollie isn't even a purebreed, but won't say where the dog is while Carroll's lawyer says the dog "certainly doesn't belong to" Clarity. The funny thing to Gothamist is how the Post tries to describe the ex-roomies:

Clarity, who graduated from Pace University in 2002 with a degree in communications, is known in the neighborhood as a quiet, hardworking person. Her Myspace.com profile lists her hero as Rush Limbaugh.

She has worked as an activities director on a cruise ship, an event planner and an agent for a high-end travel company, according to her résumé.

Carroll has an appetite for Bill Murray movies and is known to frequent the Emerald Pub, her local bar.

Is the Post pro-Clarity because Rush is her hero? Is a love for Bill Murray too esoteric to be trusted? What is the Post trying to say?