The publishing world is abuzz upon news of the Amazon error that showed reviewers' true identities (bad, technology, bad!) which, as Gawker aptly put it, "gave a little peek into the world of friends pimping friends' books and bitter unpublished writers trashing other writers. (It seems Amazon is sort of like, oh, any street corner in lower Manhattan.)" David Eggers was revealed to have written a review pimping friend Heidi Julavits' The Effects of Living Backwards to counter negative reviews thought to be from the Underground Literary Alliance, the underground writers' group who made Page Six after picking a fight with Thomas Beller. Now, the ULA is demanding an apology from Eggers and Jonathan Franzen for accusing the ULA of bad reviews and WMD...sigh, Gothamist says screw the apology, resolve this with a fight on C-Span's Book Notes.

Disclosure: Gothamist started to read The Effects of Living Backwards (called a "mess - a goodmess, an ambitious mess" by the official Amazon reviewer) last fall but then realized our apartment was a mess so we tried to clean it and found that mix CD we got for our birthday ages ago, so we bopped around to that while we tried to organize our CDs but then This Old House came on, so we just watched that.

Gothamist had some thoughts about anonymity and blogging, but Felix Salmon asks the bigger questions better.