Gothamist loves the fine folks at Fametracker; they have Fame Audits on the six Friends cast members and make this guess about their post-Friends lives: "Continued fame and good fortune for some; nothing much good for others whose names rhyme with Batthew Jerry." And damn you, NBC, for airing a stupid Dateline special about Friends instead of Law & Order last night.

Jump the Shark has 199 votes saying Friends jumped on Day One.
The Times on watching Friends in the city and the beauty of moo points. The Post predicts what will happen (as if we couldn't guess) and the Daily News looks at the stars' lives. Gawker wants to call this a holiday and one woman tells Newsday, "I don't care how it ends, as long as it ends soon. It's absurd."

Various Friends stories from Google News. And are you watching Friends at a bar or Pier 25, or getting drunk in a corner?