Terrorist anxiety, stale pretzels, endless security check lines and that packed-like-a-sardine feeling are just some of the reasons why flying any commercial airline today is far from glamourous or exciting. Troubled airlines concentrate more on profits margins and high fuel costs then creative marketing campaigns or flight attendant demeanor and service. Which is why I felt nostalgic for an era before my time while I was flipping through Keith Lovegrove's, Airline: Identity, Design and Culture which includes beautiful prints of aircraft designs and, my favorite part, stewardess outfits from back in the day when Italian design legend Emilio Pucci was creating outfits to take travelers (mostly male) on a very politically incorrect space-age adventure. Maybe the 1960's effort was more scandalous than profitable, but fashion and art in travel makes sense to me. [Jen, 4PM]: More on Pucci's connection with Braniff as well as other Braniff trends in this great exhibit from the Dallas Historical Society.