Friday was a big music night last week: Cult favorite Phish at Keyspan Park in Coney Island and indie scene darling Franz Ferdinand at Volume. We hear that hipsters were close to passing out at Volume, since it was so hot, humid, and crowded (stereogum has a comments thread to complain about concert - except the music), which makes Gothamist glad we are not so hip and just watched broad comedies in an air-conditioned movie theater. But the Phish concert is another matter, if only because we would have liked to have witnessed special guest Jay-Z rapping with Phish backing him. Bold marketing move, Jay-Z, to further widen your audience from urban youth and posturing teenagers to now introduce 21st century hippie types (usually white, from colleges where there's a good amount of greenery) to "Big Pimpin'", Gothamist's favorite song of 2000. Tien, who went to the concert (he also took the photo above), tells us, "I think Jay-Z was the only black person there." Tien also has a .mov file of Jay-Z performing.

MTV review of the Franz Ferdinand concert; NY Times review of the Phish concert.