Ooh - Goggla on Flickr saw Boy George yesterday and took some pictures of him doing his community service. She writes:

Ah, I've waited 25 years to meet this man and here he was, picking up trash along my walking route to work. It was rather sad seeing him there with everyone on the sidewalk pointing and staring, but he looked to be in pretty good spirits.

That's good to know - and we bet Boy George (and the rest of NYC) has learned his lesson about falsely reporting a robbery and trying to get out of community service. Today is his last day of community service (he started the five day stint on Monday), so if you see him downtown (Chinatown, Little Italy, or LES), wish him well.

And while community service can be sentenced, there are many great opportunities to help out the city. Check out volunteer opportunities from the city here at VolunteerNYC.org.