2007_01_lightshow.JPGOkay, maybe Gothamist lives in the Dark Ages when it comes to air fresheners, but we had no idea that there were so many marketing-driven advances in air freshener technology. The NY Times has an business article about air freshener brands vying for the youth market's business, because those college dorm rooms sure do get stinky. Maybe we're not paying enough attention in the household items lane, but the Glade Plugins Scented Oil Light Show is bananas. Wait till someone hacks up a version you can plug into your computer.

Anyway, an analyst at Deutsche Bank, William Schmitz, explained that Febreze became really popular due to barhopping young adults who were looking to rid their clothes of yucky smells. Which makes us wonder if Febreze is still the best thing to get cigarette smoke and musty bar smells out of your clothes. We've been using a combination of Febreze and an open window, let us know.