Now that the plans for Freedom Tower at Ground Zero need to be revised due to police concerns, Gothamist wonders if the skyscraper, meant to heal New York City and, well, the rest of the world but has been mired in all sorts of development meshugas for the past two years (but building only started last year), will even get built. Apparently the NYPD thinks there are security issues with the building, and Larry Silverstein, the developer, is apt to try to figure out how to make the building more secure. Man, you'd think they'd have accounted for NYPD security issues already, but we suppose there are endless ones. Governor Pataki's spokesperson claims that the building's design is secure, but says that reworking any designs will only delay the proposed 2009 opening by months (our money is on 2010) and that all other components of development, including the WTC Memorial, are moving ahead as planned.

A NY Times editorial said that if plans are altered, the public must participate; there is also a dis to Mayor Bloomberg for being obsessed with West Side Stadium planning. But what we don't get is how the editorial can call the design stunning. [Gothamist on Freedom Tower.]