2007_05_arts_parisjail.jpgShe's asking her also-famous Governor for a pardon, and will likely get a shortened sentence, but Paris Hilton has some fans rallying for her freedom, too (though we suspect some of these websites are mainly to push merchandise). Seems like many don't want to see the heiress pay her dues...here in New York, however, Paris is a little light on a fanbase. Yesterday two "Free Paris" rallies took place and AMNY reports they had a "combined turnout of roughly eight participants, a throng of journalists, and a Paris double." Though it seems the few that did show up just wanted to witness a "freak show."

David Seaman, the head of Free Paris Hilton Now told AMNY, "Although the physical turnout wasn't huge today, the online support has been tremendous." Seaman isn't a disillusioned teenager lobbying for Paris's "freedom" on MySpace, he is a 21-year adult. His site states:

"This is about a young woman being oppressed. If it were your sister or daughter, you wouldn't laugh about her being sent to jail for 45 days due to a legal technicality. Prison changes people - Paris does not deserve this."

Getting a suspended license for drinking and driving, and then driving, is apparently just a "technicality" these days - though it's true celebs have gotten off for much more serious crimes (Rebecca Gayheart, Brandy, and Matthew Broderick have all killed people while driving!). If justice is indeed served, Paris will likely be headed to jail on June 5th to serve about half of her 45 day sentence.

The rally yesterday took place at Crosby and Prince Streets, a backup location when Seaman realized that NYU students were taking up his original Washington Square Park location for their silly graduation (he actually said he didn't want to "steal their thunder"). Wonder what he thinks of Paris Hilton's autopsy.