2003-9_redeye.jpgThe Tribune Company has decided to distribute a free tabloid newspaper that is targetted to New York's "young, urban commuters." It will be call amNewYork; Gothamist is unsure if it's pronounced "a-m-New-York" (jocking off Aaron, if so) or "am-New-York." The press release from Tribune has a quote from amNewYork publisher, Russel Pergament: "With our commitment to urban commuters, we plan to provide news and information relevant to young readers’ everyday lives and create a targeted advertising alternative for marketers."

So all of you people who work out your homes or walk to work - screw you! You're not worth being marketed to! Really, all Gothamist can say is, "Brother." This is the company behind Red Eye, Chicago's crappy youth-oriented tabloid. Okay, Gothamist doesn't know if it's that crappy, but we like our relevant news and information coming from blogs.