In celebration of Earth Day (It's today! But also... it's every day), Citi Bike is offering free 30-minute rides in NYC.

There’s no cap on the number of free rides available, so everyone in NYC today has the opportunity to redeem a day pass—which allows bikers an unlimited amount of 30 minute rides until midnight. To redeem an Earth Day pass, you need to download the Citi Bike app, select a “day pass,” add the EARTHDAY19 promotional code, and sign up to cycle. (Full details are on their blog.)

“Citi Bike wants to encourage more New Yorkers to complete a carbon-neutral commute this Earth Day,” said Citi Bike Market Manager Brian Geraghty in a statement. “Not only is cycling a sustainable option, but it can be faster and it’s definitely way more fun than other ways to get around.”

So far this year, aside from one of their bikes briefly becoming an artificial reef, Citi Bike has reported over 4 million rides, and is expanding into Bushwick and East Williamsburg.

But Lyft, which acquired Citi Bike in 2018 and promised to invest $100 million to expand in NYC, has faced recent setbacks, with a much heralded pedal-assist e-bike roll-out thwarted by a dangerous brake malfunction. Earlier this month, Citi Bike pulled its entire fleet of 1,000 e-bikes out of service as it attempts to fix the problem, and the Daily News has found at least eight riders who were injured during pedal-assist rides.

There's no risk of e-bike injury today, however, since there are no e-bikes currently available through Citi Bike, which has approximately 10,000 bikes available for free trials today—fewer than the 12,000 they are supposed to have on hand as part of their agreement with the DOT.

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