Gothamist's in-house meteorologist is predicting the Return of the Sun this weekend, and if you're thinking about hitting the beach, here's some more good news: The new Rockabus launches this weekend, with buses running every 35 minutes from Williamsburg direct to Rockaway Beach. And for its debut weekend, the bus will be totally free. Good luck stopping the hipster invasion now, Far Rockaway!

"The inspiration for the Rockabus came after realizing that there should be an affordable way to get out to Rockaway that doesn't involve spending an hour underground on a beautiful day," says Rockabus founder Sam Morrill. After this weekend, he tells us Rockabus (Facebook) will charge $10 for a one way ride and $18 round trip. Service will operate Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30 a.m. onward, with the last bus leaving Rockaway at 6:55 p.m.

Rides are free this weekend, but passengers must get a wristband from a Rockabus rep stationed at the stops. In Williamsburg, look for the classic yellow schoolbus at Metropolitan Avene and Meeker Avenue (beneath the BQE). At Rockaway, the bus departs from Shore Front Pkwy by the boardwalk at Beach 86th Street. (Those are the only stops for now, but Morrill hopes to expand service to other parts of the peninsula later in the summer.) Details here, and if you plan to go, check out our handy guide to Rockaway Beach.