2006_03_arts_FFfuse.jpgThe Onion may have been joking about a Franz Ferdinand member getting injured, but one of them really did! The odds were pretty good it was going to happen...a few Scottish boys, on a scissor lift being hurled towards the sky in New York City...bottle of vintage Scotch in hand. Yeah, that scenario only ends with a first aid kit.

We'll explain now. Fuse studios received a (very expensive) facelift recently, and is now located across from Madison Square Garden (at 11 Penn Plaza). In order to christen the new Marquee on the studios, they brought in Franz Ferdinand - who were elevated on a scissor lift while fans counted down to the lighting of the Marquee. Guitarist Nick McCarthy also baptized the sign with the Scotch and sliced his finger open. The band still managed to play a six song set however, which started (appropriately) with their song "The Dark of the Matinee".

We're wondering if screaming tweens will be standing outside of Fuse studios now, just like they stand outside of Mtv's. Anyway, the station is sponsoring Franz Ferdinand's tour with Death Cab For Cutie, which started last night. If you couldn't afford that $50 ticket, then check out their Fuse performance on Saturday the 25th (9pm).

Photo: fuse / Eddie Malluk