2007_03_foxybrown.jpgWe never thought Foxy Brown was all smart (our favorite example: pleading guilty but then trying to take it back) and given her penchant for getting into trouble (smacking manicurists here, "stealing" belts there), but one would think she'd get a clue. Alas, no, and the Manhattan DA's office attempted to get Brown jailed because she had violated her parole by traveling to Florida. The DA's office and the Department of Probation found out because Brown got into an altercation at a Florida beauty supply store, allegedly throwing a bottle of hair glue at an employee and resisting a police officer.

However, Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson accepted Brown's guilty plea and didn't jail her, saying she was "going to give her basically what is a third chance." Brown will have to take anger management counseling once a week, so we so hope, for the sake of retail and service employees everywhere, that she was able to find a new anger management center. Jackson also warned, "three strikes and you're out." The judge also told Brown's lawyer, "If your client could have impulse control, she'd be fine." Ha!

Brown was enthusiastic about the decision and told reporters, "I believe Judge Jackson believes I'm trying to work hard. She seems to be saying, 'I'm pulling for you, kiddo. She's seeing the maturity in me and she believes in me. I'm at the rebuilding stage as a person." Then keep rebuilding!

Photograph of Foxy Brown leaving Manhattan Criminal Court yesterday by Louis Lanzano/AP