Guess who isn't scared of Brooklyn anymore? Fox News! They say that the borough is now a place where people live and cabbies will drive you, plus, it has a bunch of scenes that will rival any other borough. To help familiarize their readers, they offer up this lexical tour... let's skip to the Williamsburg section.

What to do in this neighborhood, where brave starving artists paved the way for luxury condo dwellers? Well, for one, "there are free concerts, movies and pool parties held at the abandoned pool of McCarren Park." Good luck with that! After a long day of searching for a concert series that hasn't taken place at this abandoned pool for two summers, one is likely to have worked up an appetite.

For this, Fox News suggests you head over to Sea Restaurant, which they call a "gem." In fact, this is their only suggestion, noting that "the exteriors of some restaurants, bars may not be as attractive as those found in Park Slope." For those who don't know, this is Sea's vibe; one Yelp reviewer sums it up nicely, saying Sea is "too New Joysey for a Thai restaurant in Brooklyn."

Can't wait to read their guide to The Bronx!