2005_12_pennycrone.jpgHoly moly, Fox 5 gave Penny Crone quite a Christmas/Hanukkah gift when it fired her from the morning show! Crone, who has been around, well, forever in Gothamist's mind, had returned to Fox 5 earlier this year, after getting fired from CBS 2's local newscast. Crone could always be counted on doing or saying something totally crazy - even though her voice kinda killed us, we're going to miss her. Maybe the WPIX 11 morning show will pick her up!

Penny's Fox 5 bio and NY magazine's interview with Penny Crone in 2002 - she talks about the time she called Yogi Berra "Yogi Bear!" And another detail from the Daily News story about Crone's firing - Fox 5 might want to get Arnold Diaz AND Toni Senecal!