Forget about Facebook Places, it doesn't even work in NYC, and even if it did, it's totally going to get you in trouble. So Foursquare it is, for anyone who feels the desire to let a select group of friends know where they are at every waking moment. The NY Times has a profile on some such individuals, who are winning the Mayoral race in... well, wherever.

Mayorships on Foursquare don't just pay out in bragging rights, some establishments reward the Mayors with discounts and prizes. Others do not... like DUMBO's Stabber Alley. Yes, the alley hidden on the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge that often contains unwelcome surprises one doesn't discover until well into their journey through it. The one that leaks from above even when it's not raining. The one that's always adorned with some kind of feces. Even that alley has stiff competition for Mayorship, with two heavyweight competitors named Jorge Lopez and Kyle Barry, who both work nearby.

Lopez told the paper, “I just want a place to call my own" (awww), but when Barry claimed Mayorship from him, things turned ugly. Just as it should be in Stabber Alley! The two now cheat to reclaim their crown from each other (by checking in when not actually there). Perhaps they can split up the territory and the more brave amongst them can claim Mayorship of the much more dangerous Manhattan Bridge archway.