via the Oscars

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science will be hosting its 85th Awards Ceremony this Sunday, February 24th, and for those without television, there are plenty of bars broadcasting the celebrity back-slapathon. You can dress up, drink too many glasses of wine, bet on the winners, take a nap, and tear up/take a bathroom break during acceptance speeches. After careful consideration, we present you with a list of our own winners:

BEST VIEWING:Videology in Williamsburg will be hosting a screening that covers all the bases. Hosted by comedian Maggie Ross, it's free of charge and there will be themed drinks, prizes for best-dressed, Oscar trivia and nominee ballots. The screening room is small and you can expect it to fill up fast, so don't spend too much time applying your nipple tape—get there on time!

BEST COCKTAIL-THEMED VIEWING:The Bell House in Gowanus is partnering with WitStream this year to bring its audience a screening accompanied by the live-Tweets of comedians everywhere. While we're not totally sold on this idea yet, we may feel differently after knocking back one of the Bell House's straightforward Oscar-themed drinks: the first one on their list is the "Cecil B. DeMiller Time", described as "a shot of Alibi Whisky and a High Life". This event is also free.

BEST VIEWING WITH WINE: Brooklyn Winery will be holding their 3rd annual Oscar Screening this year, and their take on the event is very relaxed; you can dress up or not dress up, and while they provide Oscar ballots to keep track of your correct guesses throughout the evening, there's no group activity organized around the process. Also, there will be Oscar-themed sparkling cocktails. There's no admission fee, but seating in the Winery's atrium is first-come first-serve, so don't be late.

BEST INTERACTIVE VIEWING: 92Y TriBeCa is taking a different approach this year with a pre-ceremony Oscar-themed edition of The Big Quiz Thing, a live multimedia game show for Oscar enthusiasts who want a little more competition than you get in a plain old Oscar pool. When it's showtime, you'll also get the red carpet action and the full ceremony on the big screen.

And if you still haven't watched the big movies—Nitehawk Cinema has you covered, they'll be screening nominees all weekend.