The Brooklyn Museum has taken four of their eleven human mummies to get CT scans at North Shore Hospital on Long Island... and they're updating their Flickr account with photos and live Twittering. Surely so much technology can't be good for the mummified soul. They tell us that "Through the CT scanning, Brooklyn Museum curators hope to learn more about each of the four mummies and the ancient civilization in which they lived. The Mummies that will undergo CT scanning are a Royal Prince, Count of Thebes, who is more three thousand years old; the Lady Hor on view in her elaborately painted cartonnage since 1993, some two thousand years old; Thothirdes, over 2,500 years and; and a mummy about which little is known, that dates back to the first century C. E." And so far today they found out that Lady Hor is a really a man, baby.