Gothamist takes in art; Photo - Michael Pilmer

Wow, now Gothamist knows a little bit how Jonathan Van Gieson feels - we found this picture of us on Devo frontman/composer/artist Mark Mothersbaugh's site for his touring art show, Homefront Invasion. This was when Gothamist checked out Mark's art in May.

Jen is looking directly at the camera (and looking pretty stupid), Jake has his back to the camera. The guy to Jake's right is Jen's metrosexual date - with his shopping bag, natch. Perhaps that's why Jen is not dating him anymore. Jen doesn't blog explicitly about her dating life (after the fact is another story) but she does make prospectives go through a screening process. In fact, the process breaks down like this: 1) Interest Jen enough so that she accepts a date; 2) Get screened by Jake; 3) Wait for report; you will be contacted within 1-4 weeks. Poor prospective dates. Jen's not that picky, but Jake...forget about it.