Apparently Gothamist was right- the titanic battle between sexy Brazilian camgirls and artistic New York photobloggers exploded today on With the popularity of the site increasing exponentially, server costs have been going up by leaps and bounds. Donations had been coming in, but not fast enough to keep pace with the server bills. Rather than shut down new memberships, Cypher, Scott and their crew decided to start a "gold camera" program- $5 a month for full features, including up to 6 photos a day and up to 100 comments. People who don't pay would still be allowed to upload one picture each day and have up to 5 people comment.

fotologrevolution3.jpg Most of the prominent photobloggers signed up right away, including lauratitian, cypher, eshepard, along with dozens of their less prominent cohorts. The camgirls did not follow suit. Instead, they almost immediately organized a posting protest (a postcott?). Protest pictures began appearing all over the camgirl sites, and also in the comments on sites all over (eebmor tipped us off to the pornographic comments the Brazilians were posting). Soon the photobloggers retailiated, organizing their own posting campaign in support of the new fee structure. The battle appears to be growing fiercer - but what will come next is anyone's guess. Gothamist proposes that both groups support their political positions in the manner of protestors in the late 1960s- strip naked and jump in front of the camera. On second thought, scratch that.

Brazilain realWhy are the camgirls so upset? We're guessing that it's the about the strength of the Brazilian currency - the camgirls just can't afford to pay the fee. (We need Felix Salmon to weigh in that matter.) Will introduce some sort of regional pricing structure to make it easier for the camgirls, or will this fight force the camgirls to startup their own version of the site, cleansed of the artistic impulses of the photobloggers? While we suspect there must be Brazilian tech guys more than willing to help the camgirls, only time will tell.