What is it about dilapidated hospitals that are make them so beautiful? Today the Kingston Lounge's Richard Nickel, Jr. posted photos from a trip to one within the Fort Totten landmark district near Bayside, Queens. A little history lesson: "Built in 1864, the year in which the primary purpose of the Fort shifted from defense of the mouth of the East River to casualty support and hospital care, the facility served the Army in various capacities until 1974, when it was emptied and abandoned. Sometime before 1920 a cafeteria annex was added to the rear of the structure; at some point prior to abandonment, the hospital appears to have been repurposed for office and administrative use, and the basement for storage."

However, as the site points out, the building has suffered some major neglect, and inside an LPC-protected area at that. Is this what happens with landmark status these days, or is Queens just being ignored again.