Eco-experimenter Mary Mattingly is taking her next project ashore. Earlier this year she was living in her waterpod, and now she's off to Metropolitan Exchange Building at 33 Flatbush Avenue to create something called “Air Ship Air City," according to the Brooklyn Paper.

The new sustainable living space will include a chicken coop, a laboratory, a sleeping area and “human nest outdoor couches." Before you get too excited about the prospect of your very own hamster nest, however, the owner of the building says that while the project has been green lighted, there is still the matter of going through all the building regulations. But considering it's replacing a family tree house (called Fab Tree Hab), we're guessing everything will move ahead as planned.

In the meantime, the Mattingly says, “I think it is interesting to associate this project with structures that are on stilts or are already elevated to relate to … sea level rise, but more than that, ‘Air Ship Air City’ can be an example of a housing add-on for the growing population of New York City." Are forts the way of our future? This is all so very Where the Wild Things Are!