For whatever reason some New Yorkers absolutely hate it when Hollywood comes in to their neighborhood and turns their streets in to some sort of magical wonderland. These people probably have fancy automobiles they can't park when productions take over, and also they are probably no fun at all. And maybe just because they also hate the boost to the city's economy that filming on location delivers. The latest complaint comes out of Fort Greene, which is sort of surprising since Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO have really cornered this complaint market in the past. This letter was spotted this morning by Jen Doll:


The note—which reads: "This our Neighborhood. We live here. We are real people. With real lives. Please finish your shoot and don't come back. You're not welcome here."—is directed at Brooklyn Taxi. This is most likely Taxi: Brooklyn South, an upcoming TV series that's been filming around town this summer, and will feature a crime-solving team made up of an NYPD officer and a cab driver. That is if this eloquent letter doesn't stop production completely.