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A formerly homeless street musician, Daniel Mustard, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for his new album. He tells us he "lived and busked in Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village" for years, and now "the internet is my savior." He has been gaining notoriety via his YouTube videos, some of which have nearly 8 million views—check out his cover of Radiohead's "Creep" (he says since this performance on Opie & Anthony "I've managed to get my shit somewhat together; I'm off the streets, I'm clean, and focusing on the music i love and live for.):

You can learn more about Mustard and his story, as well as hear one of his original songs, in his Kickstarter video. This afternoon he told us, "I don't busk on the street anymore. When I did, I played in Washington Square Park, and earned a bit of a rep there. Despite that being a very low point (I was living in the park at the time), I would say thats still my favorite 'venue.' I've since played shows at Parkside Lounge, Zirzamin Lounge, and a few spots throughout Brooklyn. I've actually got my Kickstarter Release show coming up this August 4th at Zirzamin at 7 p.m."