Rob Sacher, who owned the legendary bar/venue Luna Lounge on the Lower East Side, has gone and written a book that's sure to make one nostalgic for the good ol' days, even you didn't experience them yourself. The memoir is called Wake Me When It's Over, and covers growing up in 1960s Brooklyn, becoming a musician and songwriter, and "ultimately finding my niche as the co-owner of three rock nightclubs, Sanctuary (1981-1986), Mission (1988-1993), and Luna Lounge (1995-2008)." For those who don't know, he says:

Sanctuary was punk, Mission was an East Village bar where Joey Ramone, The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Psychedelic Furs, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, and other bands would party together among friends. Luna Lounge was a small neighborhood Lower East Side bar and live music venue in NYC which featured the first shows from some awesome bands that have gone on to be some of the world's most important and successful music artists. Luna was the room were The Strokes first performed, and where Interpol formed and played their first shows. Also, it's the place where Elliott Smith wrote the album XO and first performed those songs for folks who just happened to be at the bar.

You can read an excerpt from the book, about Elliott Smith (pictured above at Luna Lounge) here. But bands weren't the only ones who started out there, comedians like Louis C.K. and Lewis Black worked on their craft as part of the Eating It Monday night comedy series. Sacher moved Luna Lounge to Williamsburg once priced out of the LES, but soon that shut down and the Knitting Factory has been in the space since.

As for the book, it's complete, but Sacher is raising funds on Kickstarter (today is the last day)—he says, "I am self publishing the book and would like to raise money for promoting my story with a website for the book, for advertising," and review copies. You can find out more here, and donate here. Though Sacher has already reached his goal, any extra funds could help him with his other dream of retiring to a villa in France.