The longtime Manhattan clubhouse where the Hells Angels bikers lived, reveled, and revved their engines sold for $7.75 million earlier this year to Nathan Blatter (of Whitestone Realty Group), who flipped it and sold it to Jonathan Sondry (of Better Living) in a deal that closed this week, according to the NY Post. Unsurprisingly, the six-story building will soon be transformed into luxury apartments.

The Hells Angels—who had been an unavoidable presence on the East 3rd Street block since 1969—have departed the area. The building, which at once functioned as a clubhouse, living space, a crash pad, and motorcycle repair shop, will undergo a $2 million renovation to build out two retail spaces on the ground floor. 22 units, ranging from one to two-bedroom apartments, will be rented out for about $3,500 in the building, the Post reports.

The renovation is expected to be finished by the end of 2020.

While there's been some interest in paying homage to the space's bygone bikers through a museum, Blatter had told The New Yorker that he wasn't into the idea. "It’s going to be a regular apartment building," he said. Sondry, speaking to the Post, added that he didn't think the building's lore, as well as its former residents, "will make a difference to young students these days,”

The biker group sold their East Village HQ back in February, as EV Grieve reported. After half a century on the block, the Angels said they had had enough of young residents in the Manhattan neighborhood "sitting on our bikes and pissing on the sidewalk," as one biker, Tony, told the Post. “It comes a point where it’s useless to be down here because of the harassment. [We want to] go somewhere we can live comfortably.”

It's unclear where the club will relocate.