Since the eviction, Zuccotti Park may be compartively desolate at night, but by day it is an increasingly popular music venue, and the arts support of the Occupy movement doesn't stop there! Tomorrow from 6 p.m. until 6 p.m. Saturday over 70 acts—including monologuist Mike Daisey—will be Occupying Broadway to better help New Yorkers and tourists "Get off the sidelines and break through the fourth wall."

The performances will be all around Times Square but will be focused around the TKTS steps before "marching to a secret location" (which will be revealed on Twitter if you keep en eye on "#OccupyBroadway" or @OccupyWallStNYC). Here's how the organizers explain their plan:

In recent weeks, we have seen a push to tramp on our rights to public assembly, public space and by extension democracy itself. In response, we join a global struggle using occupation as a form of creative resistance. Occupations are spreading around the world and around New York City, even UPTOWN! Bloomberg Beware, you take our park, Now Liberty Park is everywhere! In a time when downtown theaters are rapidly losing their spaces, being turned into high-end fashion stores, Occupy Broadway is a symbolic attempt to regain the space of theatre as an accessible, popular art form, bringing it back to where it all started - in a public space, for the common citizen. We are using public space to create a more colorful image of what our streets could look like, with public performances, art, and music.

Through this movement, New York re-imagines itself as a work of art, rather than a retail shopping mall. With capitalism gone mad, foreclosures increasing, and bank crises consuming whole communities, we are signaling through the flames that there is another way of living. Join us.

Lots of people have expressed interest in the occupation and they've lined up a pretty exciting roster of artists including: "The Working Groups of OWS, Mike Daisey, The Civilians, HERE Arts Center, Jenny Romaine and Great Small Works, The Foundry Theatre, The Church of Stop Shopping, Rude Mechanical Orchestra, NY Labor Chorus, The Yes Men, Ayo Jackson, April Yvette Thompson, The Living Theater, Bread and Puppet Theater, Tony Torn, Carlo Alban, Dzieci, Urban Research Theatre, Yolanda Kay, The Big Bank- A Musical, Rocha Dance Theater, Reno and Penny Arcade."

This could be fun!