Where the hell is Lisa Ling when Barbara Walters needs her? Last week, Rosie O'Donnell commented about the whole Danny DeVito drunk as a skunk on The View by imagining what people in China were hearing:

"The fact is that it's news all over the world. You can imagine in China, it's like, ching chong ching chong ching chong Danny DeVito ching ching chong chong ching drunk The View chong."

Of course, Rosie's riff has upset City Councilman John Liu, who sent a letter to Barbara Walters to complain. From Room 8, here's the letter:

Asian Americans across the country are very offended by remarks made by Rosie O'Donnell this past week on your program "The View." Her caricature of the Chinese language hits a raw nerve in our community. For your information, a clip of the relevant December 7, 2006 program
is available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuTspbPmV_g.

As a well-traveled and experienced journalist who has gained respect from many people around the world, you better than anyone should know that these types of derogatory remarks have consequences beyond the stupidity of the person who made them. Yet, you more than anyone
stands to profit handsomely from the pumped-up ratings generated by this type of controversy.

I do not believe the production and broadcast of these remarks reflects the high standards of excellence held by you or the American Broadcasting Company. But, what will you do to hold yourself and those who host the program accountable for such offensive remarks? I and the many Asian Americans offended by "The View" look forward to your response.

Hmm, ABC does deserve credit for green-lighting the short-lived Margaret Cho sitcom All-American Girl, which is known as being the first sitcom with an all-Asian cast... but it sucked. (Maybe ABC will line up Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim from Lost - they're Korean, but at least they're Asian! - for some good will.) Liu told Fox News, "It really hits a raw nerve for many people in the community — many like myself, who grew up with these kinds of taunts. We all know that it never ends at the taunts." It's so true, but at least Rosie didn't squint or use her fingers to make her eyes slanted.

Gawker has the clip, to which they thoughtfully added a gong (a sound effect that confused the Daily News, which thought the gong was added by The View producers).