While Gothamist is a bit iffy about the new Mr. Peanut (as the Times' Stuart Elliott puts it, moving from a "dignified dandy, meant to be timeless in his appeal" to showing "off his moves on the basketball court and the dance floor," posing as a centerfold, and remembering when he was a "baby legume"), we do like the March Madness commercial where Mr. Peanut is playing various school mascots. Mr. Peanut is ridiculously skilled, but seeing the Maryland Terrapin, Duke Blue Devil, Kansas Jayhawk, and Syracuse Orange might worth ruining the brand equity built in Mr. Peanut.

Watch the brilliant mascot spot at the Peanut Gallery. Gothamist loves the Syracuse Orange, because any mascot that has a body that prevents it from grabbing something with both hands is the best. He lumbers, he can't guard the Blue Devil...he totally got picked last in gym class and that's why Gothamist relates to Syracuse Orange the most.

Maryland and Syracuse play each other on Saturday.

People didn't like it when KFC's Colonel Sanders did the cabbage patch.