2005_12_arts_ugg.jpgYesterday WWD had a story on how the transit strike is effecting our fashions. Leave it to them to declare the comeback of Uggs in a "major way". Though the Chicago Sun Times will declare it's the "Reeboks-and-gym-socks-with-your-business-suit" look that have come back in to style. We're they ever in style? And if so, what the hell does the Chicago Sun Times know about what we're wearing during the transit strike.

Reeboks with suits is preferable to the Ugg however. We didn't like Uggs when Kate Hudson wore them, we don't understand girls that wear them in the summer with skirts, and last month DCist gave us alternatives to them. Yes, they're warm. We know. But there has got to be something else out there. So what have you been wearing to keep your toes toasty and your comfort level at an all time high during the strike?