2007_1_fordfitzroy.jpgFord & Fitzroy are a fairly recent creation, and we hear their live show is "the kind of show that makes you want to see unknown bands more often. Surprising, strange and wonderful at the same time, it made you feel like the insider on something special." With a review like that, and two tracks floating around that we can't stop listening to, we couldn't be more psyched to see this band at our Movable Hype show this Thursday. Join us, and be one of the first in on the secret.

Listen: The Weatherman's Refrain.mp3

Let's get this out of the way, where did your band name originate?
Glenn Waldman: From the Van Morrison song - Madame George

What is your first conscious memory of living in New York?
Jay Schneider: Waking up the first morning in our new apartment and finding nate (our rhythm guitarist) brushing his teeth with glenn's toothbrush

What is your favorite place to drink in NYC, and what's the best night to go out?
GW: it used to be international bar, but that has closed. right now the best place to flask it through the post-industrial wasteland in bay ridge. probably on sunday afternoon.

JS: the hanger on 3rd street because my girlfriend owns it

Now its time for some fill-in-the-blank action

You know you've made it when...�
you're eating faberege eggs for breakfast
GW: i can stop stealing and eating jay's faberge eggs.

It'll be time to pack up the gear for good when...�
they will have to pack my gear into my coffin. i imagine the sound is great in there.

I'll never forget the first time I...�
i'll never forget the first time i tried to ride a motorcyclde with my dad and slammed on the gas to make sure i would go; and nearly went into the crick and crashed my bike.
JS: I found out Harriet Tubman's underground railroad was not actually an underground railroad

I'll never forget the first time [insert another band members name here]...�
I'll never forget the first time Harrison...Oh wait he's not in the band anymore

Let's have some fun with word association. Give me your immediate feelings on the following (if you�ve got no discernable feelings, make something up that won�t embarrass you in the morning)

stay out of Mississippi

can anyone get me season tickets?

glad i got to play there, sorry it's turned into such a mockery.

Justin Timberlake
hey justin, michael jackson needs his dance moves and singing back for his new vegas show. hasn't somebody in pop come up with something new in the last 20 years?
JS: I hear he's finally bringing sexy back
GW: thats a horrible joke.

When you get drunk on halloween you always leave your accesories behind

ultragrrrl, lindsayism, and daily refill; the wholy trinity or another questionable religion.

i live in sunset park, i am both happy and sorry to say i've been able to be the forerunner of it in this neighborhood. luckily, manhattan has never heard of this area.

A few quickies on the music tip

What was the most played song on your iPod (or an equivalent music playing device) in the past week?
ford & fitzroy and wanda jackson
JS: canadian lover/ falcons escape

Who would be in your ultimate music supergroup, your all-star Olympic team of rock?
tom waits
JS: tom waits

If you released a 7" what would you put on the cover?
my broken body.

What was the first/last album you bought on the day it was released?
people still buy albums? thats good to hear, for me, it was highway 61 revisited

If Josh Schwartz, creator of the OC, asked your band to perform on his tv show (as Modest Mouse, the Killers Tom Vek and the Walkmen have) would you?
ask if i could perform on 90210 like the flaming lips did.

And finally...What came first, the music or the misery?
according to the OED, misery was invented in 1325, music in 1200. it must have been a very interesting 125 years.
JS: makes you wonder what conor oberst's first song was about.