On Sunday July 22nd, Forbidden Planet, beloved Broadway geek mecca, will close. And then, two days later, it will reopen in bigger and better digs down the block. Hopefully they won't miss too much of the sure-to-hit Dark Knight Rises windfall!

Forbidden Planet is no stranger to moving around on Broadway between 12th and 13th Streets. The store has been supplying comics, graphic novels and gear to the SF-inclined for more than 30 years on the block. For its first decade and a half it was located on the corner of 12th Street, across the The Strand, at 823 Broadway—where the dank and musty basement crammed with old falling apart comics was a prepubescent boy's fantasy and a junk-hating mother's nightmare. And it has been living in its smaller, 2,000-square-foot, digs on the corner of 13th Street since 1996. Now, with comics and Sci-Fi as big in the popular psyche as they've been in ages, it is upsizing again.

The store is moving from 840 Broadway to 832 Broadway, where it will have 3,400 square feet to sell "more science fiction, more graphic novels, more toys, games, comics. We'll have more of everything that people want." Store manager Jeff Ayers told DNAinfo, "We'll have more of everything that people want."

Whew! We're not sure we could handle another one of our childhood haunts giving up the ghost.