That noise you hear? That is a sigh of relief from theater fags the world over. After a three year absence from the boards, Gerard Alessandrini's gloriously insider theater spoof, Forbidden Broadway is coming back this fall. And considering the shows that have hit the great white way since the last edition of the show closed—Spider-Man, Newsies, Once, Ghost, and so much more—they've certainly got good material to work with. What's Forbidden Broadway, you ask? Think of it as the Broadway equivalent of the Scary Movie franchise...only actually funny.

This will be the 21st edition of the show and also marks its 30th anniversary—gah! we feel old! In a statement Alessandrini said of coming back: "Over the past three years, I sat through show after show, with no outlet at all. Finally, I couldn’t take it any more. Now I have 3 years worth of pent-up parodies, and am blessed with a season that has practically written itself. We were able to get our favorite Forbidden Broadway theatre again, but only for a limited chunk of time. But that should more than long enough to say everything we have to say, and then come back to New York again, from time to time."

The show will begin previews July 24 and will run at the 47th Street Theatre through January 6, 2013. Having grown up on the show's many, many silly editions we couldn't be happier. Sadly most of the really great ones aren't online (the Anna Karenina: The Musical takedown "On The Ashkebad, Tbusi and Kiev Express" remains a gem worth revisiting) but here's one that, sadly, is as true today as it was when it first was performed: