A new system in place to rank the World's Most Powerful Women has landed Lady Gaga alongside the likes of the First Lady. Stefani Germanotta—who wasn't even on the Forbes list last year—has secured a spot in the top 10 (of 100), coming in at #7. That ranking put her thisclose to Michelle Obama (#1), Oprah (#3), and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (#5).

According to the Daily News, the new system combines an earnings component with a "buzz factor" (past lists were focused on wealth and executive position).

Others on the list include Beyonce Knowles, Ellen DeGeneres, Sarah Palin (yikes, coming in at #16!), Rachel Maddow, and Angelina Jolie. Forbes VP Moira Forbes says, "The women on our list, through their respective realms of power and influence, are shaping many of the agenda-setting conversations of our day. They have built companies and brands, sometimes by non-traditional mean, and they have broken through gender barriers in areas of commerce, politics, sports and media." Check out the full list here.