For the last few years, many a weekend has been spent camped out in front of the Syfy Channel, Encore or TBS in order to watch endless hours of 007 in his many incarnations doing what he does best—travelling to exotic locations around the world, bedding exotic women, and killing exotic villains. But now, thanks to the MOMA, we can unglue our eyes from the TV and go see all 22 Bond films on the big screen this October!

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first Bond film, Dr. No—and , in anticipation of the release of the 23rd Bond movie, Skyfall—MOMA will show a retrospective of all 22 Bond films in order from Oct. 5 through 31. You won't be able to see Never Say Never Again (the unofficial Sean Connery Bond film), but all the others—including From Russia With Love, Live and Let Die, Octopussy, Goldeneye and Casino Royale—will be shown. Check here [PDF] for all the showtimes.

In other Bond news: the latest Bond, Daniel Craig, has proven so popular, he's signed up for at least two more Bond films (fingers crossed for the long rumored "Bond In NYC" film!), AND his speedos from Casino Royale are being auctioned off. And below, check out the very exciting trailer for Skyfall, which goes to show just how evil a well chosen blonde wig can be.