Are scooter sightings on subway trains becoming more common? If so, can we make them uncommon again? Two photos of different dudes straddling scooters inside trains have recently surfaced, depicting the scooterspreaders perched on their bulky vehicles and giving no fucks about the scooterless masses trying to squeeze aboard.

Reddit user grandlewis posted a photo this morning of one scooter-riding commuter with the caption, "Guy rolls onto rush hour subway on a Vespa. Is this even legal?" Commenters were quick to point out that this man's vehicle wasn't, in fact, a Vespa, but rather a "crappy Chinese scooter." Call it what you want, it's still a dick move.

Guy rolls onto rush hour subway on a Vespa. Is this even legal?

from r/nyc

This wasn't a freak occurrence; another scooterspreader triggered some rage on an uptown 2 train recently. Listen closely for the disgruntled "jackass."

The MTA has a policy for bikes on trains, although it's unclear if this applies to scooters and other motorized vehicles, too: "Bicycles are permitted on Subway trains at all times. However, we strongly recommend that cyclists avoid boarding crowded rush hour trains," the MTA's bike info webpage says. "Be courteous to your fellow passengers by standing with your bike, moving it so others can pass, and not blocking doors."

Failure to follow these rules could attract unwanted attention from the NYPD...