; Image: Hatchback Media

With less than a month until the Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden, the editors of Slice (Gothamist's favorite pizza site) have released for the thousands of people in town for the convention. No news on whether there will be an Counter Convention pizza site from Slice. Now on the site, those hailing from the nether-regions of the country can learn how to order pizza in New York - it's a slice, stupid - and learn how to hold your pizza.

In an exclusive interview with Gothamist, Slice Editor Adam Kuban tells us that things will look slightly different. "After the convention, I'll just 'repurpose' the material; clean up any GOP references. Then I will re-publish it as the Slice tourist guide to pizza." Kuban himself is from out of town (Kansas) and gave the tourists some consideration as well, "I thought about all the things that flustered me when I first moved here and figured that's what would trip up visitors."

Gothamist couldn't help but wonder why Slice would publish a guide for the GOP when the site says that they "skew blue", but for Kuban, it's all about the pizza. Oddly enough, Kuban and his fellow editors were motivated by Ed Koch and his campaign for the convention. "We've been talking about doing a tourist guide like this for a while, but the Ed Koch commercial gave us a kick in the pants. When Koch said, '"They've never ordered pizza by the slice,"' he was talking to Slice."

Slice also has their eye on the local businesses and hopes the conventioneers visit their local pizzeria. "If the conventioneers get a hankering for pizza, we'd like to see them spend some of their money on New York pies instead of ordering in from a national chain." Gothamist agrees, there's nothing ironic about a GOP Member in their seersucker pants going to Sabarro, Pizza Hut, or Domino's.

Ultimately, if Kuban and his can help New York City and it's funding from Washington, that's not bad either. "If Bob Ney has a pizza epiphany here, he might vote differently on future anti-terror-funding bills and help us protect what is arguably a national culinary treasure."

Gothamist is proud that Slice is trying to mobilize people to buy pizza in better ways, because no matter what a person's political affiliation may be, there is no reason why they have to eat horrible pizza. They even put together a subway map with notable pizzerias that out of towners can visit.