Whatever one says about Courtney Love, Gothamist must say she makes good copy. After her antics Wednesday night in New York, the local papers have fun. The Times' Sheila K. Dewan gives great dimension to the story:

The drama began during the day on Wednesday when Ms. Love invited the paparazzi to photograph her in the window of her SoHo apartment, where she strummed the guitar like a tranquilized Rapunzel.

Dewan also wrote that the whole incident should be dipped in gold and sent to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as "classic specimen of punk rock misbehavior." The Daily News noted, as other papers did, that someone needed to bring Courtney pants when she was in jail Thursday morning because she was wearing a see-through leotard (Gothamist wonders if she got a bitch in the few hours she was in lock-up). And the Post follows up on Love's Bowery Ballroom performance last night/this morning: She started by saying, "If any of you plans on getting injured tonight, please go outside and get arrested now," then excused her crappy performance by saying, "My voice has gone to hell. That's what a jail cell does to it." And she also asked for alcohol and money so she could get custody of her daughter back.

Love's publicists issued a statement saying they felt Love would be vindicated. But they didn't issue a statement explaining why her album is doing so crappy!

stereogum was at Love's misdemeanor-fileld performance Wednesday night, coming back with pictures and no apparent head wounds. whatevs has a recap of the Late Show appearance.