Proving that the weight he loss was not in the "I'm an eccentric fashion designer" area, Chanel and Fendi designer Karl Lagerfeld's ridiculous 12 iPod carrying case reminds Gothamist that sometimes technology is dangerous. Lagerfeld is an iPod addict, with 40 iPods, and wanted a way to celebrate them. Hmm, 40 iPods seems a little self-defeating to us though. If this doesn't help start some sort of anti-iPod backlash, Gothamist doesn't know what would. Engadget says the $1,500 case "actually looks like a terrible way to transport any gadget" while the TMFML cries for the fate of humanity. Gothamist will wait for Apple's brand managers to figure out if this is good or bad news for them.

British Vogue's Karl Lagerfeld blog.