Sure, summer might be winding down, but you know how you can make the most out of these last warm nights? By installing this handsome-looking, 55 foot, Astroturf-covered wooden stealth fighter sculpture in your very own backyard!

The sculpture spent its summer on Governors Island as part of Figment Fest, where it was thoroughly crawled upon by thousands of children. Now, artist Zaq Landsberg is looking to find a nice home for his project, which must be dismantled and removed from the Island next week. "Yes, I am totally serious," he told us this afternoon. "If some rich guy on Long Island wants to put it in his backyard for his kids, that would be great." Landsberg is asking a paltry $25,000 (or best offer) for the sculpture, which would include transport ("we can take it pretty much anywhere") and installation, which he estimates would take about two weeks.

So far, Landsberg has received zero offers (HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!). If no one bites, what happens? "It gets chopped up and put into the dumpster." Come on, people! It's the perfect complement to that hipster backyard in the LES.