David Arquette and Courteney Cox are Real

In the spirit of Super Bowl Sunday, I thought I'd bring up the new ad campaign by Coke...the Coca-Cola "Real" spots. Here is what Coke says it's trying to do with the ads, and here's a take from MSNBC. The ad rags, Ad Week and Ad Age, are enthusiastic about them. Me? I like the David Arquette-Courteney Cox one a lot, they seem natural and it's a great insight into the desirability of Coke. I'm eh about the Mya-Common and Penelope Cruz ones. Another thing about the David-Courteney spot - their house reminds me a little of the house that Bradley Whitford (Josh on "The West Wing") and Jane Kaczmarek (Lois on "Malcolm in the Middle") live in, in the M&M's commercial (watch the "Valentine" commercial).

See the new Coke commercials.