If your favored man or lady friend isn't the type to be impressed by a swanky date bar this Valentine's Day, perhaps an exclusive look at sewer and sludge treatment will do the trick: the Department of Environmental Protection is offering tours of the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant on February 14th, and they're filling up faster than you can flush a toilet (yeah, we went there).

It should be noted that this is the second annual Valentine's Day tour of the Greepoint sewage facility, and that last year's inaugural event drew 220 visitors. A reservation will get you an overview of the wastewater treatment process led by Plant superintendent Jim Pynn, plus a trip to the top of the facility's massive digester eggs, which offer a pretty spectacular view.

These tours aren't without some special surprises; last year, visitors were reportedly treated to a foul odor belched out by one of the eggs. And the DEP says they were inundated with such "overwhelming demand" for this year's tours that they're even adding a third session. Make sure you sign up ASAP before that one sells out, because not even White Castle can stoke the V-Day love furnace like digester eggs.