Forget our recommendations on how to be Banksy for Halloween... Ricky's NAILED IT. They nailed the Banksy Halloween costume. It's so accurate it's almost like Banksy designed it himself. Is Ricky's Banksy? Let's take a closer look:

First you've got a t-shirt with photos of Banksy's artwork on it. How do you know Banksy doesn't wear t-shirts with photos of his own artwork on it? You've never seen him. Besides, that kind of unexpected move would really fuck with people—and that's so Banksy. "Banksy would never wear his own artwork on a t-shirt, are you sure about that?" You will convince at least one Slutty Cyrus at the party that you are Banksy.

But that's not all, Ricky's EXCLUSIVE $39.95 costume also includes a standard issue black eye mask, nothing fancy. Banksy wants people to know he's mysterious, but not in a flashy way.

The final touch? A spray can. For this, we had to reach out to Ricky's to find out what was actually in it. "The can is full with temporary hair and body spray," a rep told us. Perfect for OMAR-ing yourself with.